Your desire counts
All of you start with a strong desire to learn how to play the piano. My goal is to continuously feed this desire.
Watch the horizon and the steps to get there
Learning how to play the piano is a long process. I will show you the steps to get where you want to be and encourage you to attack every step in a true way so that you enjoy it, can build on it and be satisfied of every progress.
Learn how to learn
You learn how to play the piano through the lessons and your personal practice. In the lessons, not only I offer technical know-how but also teach you how to practice efficiently.
Accurate advice where you get stuck
Nothing is more rewarding and affirming than finding out things by your-self. The pleasure is truly yours! When you get stuck, though, you will get my accurate advice to get over your obstacle.
Learn to play effortlessly
Whatever music you would like to play, let it sing and dance! I will encourage you to involve your intelligence, your body and your heart. Your intelligence to read the music and discover how it's built. Your body to move your arms, hands and fingers in an effortless way so that the knock of the hammers on the strings results in the sound and rhythm you want to create. Your heart to bring a piece to life or to tell your story.
Multidisciplinary approach
I will motivate you to explore all types of music and to identify your musical taste. Children generally start with songs and easy classical pieces in a playful way. Adolescents and adults usually come with a more clear idea of the music style they want to play.  Whether you play a fugue of John Sebastian Bach or a present-day pop song, though,  I'll attract your attention through it to the fundamental principles on which all western music is based so that you do not only understand the music you play but any other music you may listen to.