“It is only by demanding the impossible of the piano that you can obtain from it all that is possible. (…) This means that imagination and desire are ahead of the possible reality”
Heinrich Neuhaus, The Art of Piano Playing
From Flanders to Paris and London
I grew up in the Belgian Flemish polders, where a strong work ethic, perseverance and a search for quality became deeply rooted in me. My adventurous spirit, which I probably inherited from my Dutch father, brought me to Paris. I appreciate and have probably been influenced by the refinement of the French culture. London is a cultural melting pot, with its diverse and progressive musical scene, that has attracted me to cross the Channel.
From international lawyer to musician
Resolving my puzzle took me a while. I used to go for a high-powered career and became an international lawyer, appreciated for his knowledge of the case law of the European Court of Justice. Nevertheless, I had never abandoned my childhood dream to become a professional musician. The desire to develop my musical side had only grown stronger and stronger over the years. One day, I gave up my career without knowing what the future would hold. I was determined to follow my heart to become a musician.
Classical and jazz studies
I got the chance to complete my classical music studies, which I had done in Belgium, with an extensive study of jazz at the Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris, created by Bill Evans’ friend Bernard Maury. I am particularly grateful to the French jazz pianist Philippe Lebaraillec who, one day, invited me to work on my sound and under whose mentorship I developed my technique, acquired a dexterity I never thought I could reach and, above all, learned to listen.
Beauty, freedom and fun
I love to play a classical repertoire. Its beauty always moves me, and its technical requirements continuously open further possibilities to develop my own sound. I love to improvise, as it allows me to express myself without limits, to have an intimate moment with my audience, and to enter into a musical heart to heart conversation with other musicians. I love to jam, it’s so much fun!
Passing on the spark of passion
Nothing is more rewarding for me than to witness children discover their musical direction, adults explore a complementary side to their sometimes hectic professional life, and, some of them fulfil their own dream to make their life from music. I am excited and grateful that I can contribute to it as their teacher.