Joseph, the father of Max, 8 years old, who started two years ago, London
“My son enjoys playing the piano a lot since he follows lessons with Hans. I am convinced that Hans’ passion for music, his talent to motivate children and his patience have a positive influence on my son”.
Morgane, 15 years old, plays piano since seven years, Paris
“With Hans, I have the impression I am not wasting my time and that I am really making progress”.
Sophia, 27 years old, plays piano, started two years ago, London
“Hans is a patient teacher. He makes you feeling confident. He’s also a good observer and knows to give good advice where I need it. I appreciate that although presently I am playing simple pieces, he attracts my attention to contemporary pianists playing pieces that are beyond my possibilities for now. That gives me perspective. Coming to the lessons is always having a good time”.
Kate, 32 years old, teacher, plays piano since 12 years, London
“I am very happy that I met Hans. He made me working again on my technique from scratch. I have the impression that it is only now that I start to learn how to play the piano. He invites me to give attention to every note and to involve myself in every part of the piece. The result is that I start to listen to the sound that I produce, that I can play quicker and with a regular rhythm, without much effort”.
Jean, 50 years old, businessman, started two years ago, Paris
“I appreciate that, in addition to teaching the right piano technique, Hans unfolds the architecture of every even simple piece of music. Step by step, he makes me discovering a new and fascinating world”.