Realize your dream
to play the piano.
Let's start
with what you want, 
and I'll propose
how you can get there.

Learn to play effortlessly,
get professional tuition
and enjoy every step
and progress.

Whatever music
you’d like to play,
let it sing
and dance!
From beginner’s to professional level
Classical, jazz, pop

- Preparing for ABRSM exams
- Learning to read music
- Developing an accurate sense of rhythm
- Improving your sound

- Getting insight into harmony
- Learning how to play alongside a singer
  or to jam with other musicians
- Composing your own music

“Hans is a good observer and knows to give good advice where I need it”. (Sophia, London)
“With Hans, I have the impression I am not wasting my time and that I am really making progress”. (Morgane, Paris)
“Hans’ passion for music, his talent to motivate children and his patience have a positive influence on my son”.
(Joseph, London)